January 05, 2019
Winter updated seasonal menu

The updated menu will delight you with traditional seasonal Japanese products — katsuo tuna, bonito tuna, oysters Kakiemon from Hokkaido.

We advise you to try: a handroll with chopped katsu, seasoned with bonito mayo, and fresh crispy vegetables (850 ₽); the traditional dish is katsuo-no-tataki — burnt tuna with white onion in our modern interpretation (1500 ₽); yellowtail cheeks fried and glazed on a robat with teriyaki and coconut milk (1800 ₽).

Also the variation of dishes that can be prepared from the aquarium seafood has been increased. You can order several dishes from the same marine reptile. Guests usually choose positions from crab (750 rubles per 100 grams): hot creamy corn soup with crab, yuzu, purple sweet potato, lotus root and other vegetables; crab tempura; roll without rice with a win-win combination of crab with avocado.

Another winter novelty is saturated ramen with mushrooms and vegetables with a crispy tender piglet (1100 ₽). It became the most popular dish among the other new products.